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The school is organized along the house system and through this student are brought face with moral and spiritual values, Indian culture, service and citizenship. It endeavours to inculcate not only humanitarian values to help the needy and the deprived but also concern and commitment towards the improvement of the environment and the welfare of animals. Students are taught to appreciate the world and directly involve themselves with issues that are of common interest to them and the rest of the world.

The School aims to provide its students a comprehensive system of education helping them to develop into well – rounded personalities and to grow into useful citizens of the country. It provides a system of instruction that teaches them to be creative, analytical and problem solvers. Teachers in the school function as facilitators of learning in addition to imparting knowledge uniformly to all the children. They ensure that the special ethos of the school are given to each and every student and to develop the potential of every student according to their individual needs.

The school motto ‘WILL TO EXCEL’ is the cornerstone on which the school builds the character of every student.