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Academic Programme

Special attention is paid to monitor progress registered by every child. Concepts are taught by interactive and practical approach. Emphasis is laid on activity based learning so that the children could be induced to discover their inner potential as much as possible. It is made mandatory for all the members of the School to communicate only in English.


Having a low student teacher ratio and a small class size facilitates personal attention to students. The curriculum is designed to achieve a balance between academic and co-curricular activities, a practice prevalent in all progressive schools of the world.


Viverly Public School runs the Play Way School (pre-primary section) which aims to provide the experience for physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual, and social development of the child through creative and modern education in an attractive and caring environment, thus enabling the child to cope with the ever- growing challenges of life.

Our basic Philosophy focuses on satisfying of the child’s inquisitive mind through concept clarity. The personalized tender care stimulates the nascent mind to explore, understand, learn and appreciate the finer aspects of life so that child is able to handle day to day situations without any stress thus giving him a strong foundation for his success in life.


Play Way School encompasses teaching methodology involving extensive interactive where children are encouraged to collaborate & help each other. Play Way School adopts the philosophy of “Learning by doing”. The curriculum is structured keeping in mind the interests & abilities of students with emphasis on their all round development – cognitive, physical, social, emotional, & sensorial. We use multi-sensorial materials with equipment & environment that is culture specific. Facilities like trained faculty, attendants, personal attention, regular Quality checks, hygiene and security are of prime importance at Play Way School.

An Education in Human Values

In choosing the curriculum for the students the School has taken in to consideration the academic challenges of the 21st Century. The Education in Human Values is primarily to bring out the very best in a child and to enable personality towards Self developing the Actualization. This process of blossoming human excellence calls for excellence in each of the five domains of human personality viz Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Psychic, and Spiritual.

At the School we aim to touch upon all aspects of a child’s life and beside traditional subjects like History, Geography, Science and Literature provision has been made for drawing, painting, dramatics, music and dance. Projects and cultural programs form an integral part of the school time table with co-curricular activities also being performed.

The curriculum at the academy includes :-

Physical Education

In today's is world of competition students are under lot of stress and anxiety. They not only need to be physically strong but also mentally fit. The practice of Yoga helps to keep the young body strong and supple as well as to develop attention and concentration thereby stimulating the creative potential within each child.

Vital Education

Students are encouraged to participate in music, dance, art, dramatic and other performing arts, so that their energies can be channelized through such free developing leadership, responsibility and self-learning qualities.

Spiritual Education

All curricular and co-curricular programs are provided to inculcate spiritual and psychic values such as Love, Truth, Faith in God, Competence in performance and Strength of Mind and Heart, Compassion for all living creatures.

International Education

The pupils are made aware of the larger interests of mankind from the view point of ecology and global unity, with emphasis on Universal love, sympathy, fellow felling and understanding, thus living up to our Mission Statement of ‘ HAPPY, HEALTHY, INSPIRED’.