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Academic Facilities


The School has the requisite facilities for academics as well as co-curricular activities. Spacious and well-ventilated class-rooms, well-equipped ultra-modern Science and Computer Laboratories for practical and hands-on learning, a well-stocked library for the students to indulge in leisure reading as well as gleaning information and knowledge from reference books provide an ideal atmosphere for the students to excel at academics. A highly qualified, trained and committed teaching staff constantly endeavors to motivate and guide the pupils to greater heights.

Values Religious and cultural heritage

A person's values, religious beliefs, upbringing and respect for India's rich cultural heritage set him apart from others. Apart from offering good education, Viverly Public School endeavors to provide its students sound values that will shape their lives in a positive manner. All religious festivals are celebrated in the School to teach the students the value and importance of secularism. The school also endeavors to help its students remain in touch with India's rich cultural heritage by organizing programmes involving classical, folk and traditional aspects of our heritage. Our effort is to produce future citizens who are capable of adopting modern thoughts and techniques but, at the same time, remaining in touch with their roots. All curricular and co-curricular programmes in the school are designed to inculcate spiritual and psychic values such as love, truth, faith in God, competence in performance, strength of mind and heart and compassion for all living creatures

Leadership Qualities

The future leaders of India will ultimately come from today's children. To ensure that we prepare them to shoulder that responsibility one day, we give our students first-hand experience of leadership by appointing Prefects and Captains to assist the teachers and the Management in running the affairs of the school. They are given responsibility to shoulder, along with the authority to execute that responsibility, and are taught to do so with humility and a sense of service rather than show of power.