Principal Administrator

The school is a place where a child discovers himself. There are many cliques and clichés to divert the attention of a child but the school magically converts all these situations into learning opportunities. In order to have students growing with rounded personalities the school offers a bagful of diverse activities. The curriculum is so framed that we tap the best potential of each child and help him to touch many fields at the same time. School is not the place for specialization ,rather like Jack of all trades the child tries his hand at many arts The school The school not only perfects the three Rs , academics and mind skills but also teaches the art of out of box thinking and learning. This school provides the regular sessions of school learning like academics, sports, and extra- curricular activities but the special feature is that we look after inherent problems of the mind and body and find solutions in the form of regular medical checkups and special counseling of students and even parents. There is plenty of scope to enjoy and relax in the form of library, visits, picnics and music (both vocal and instrumental).

It is my firm belief that learning is caught more than it is taught. The learned staff of the school leaves no stone unturned to help the child to help himself. There is no dearth of opportunities for a child in this school to prepare him for life ahead We therefore put in our best efforts and hope for the best results.

“Together we can and we will”

Director Education
Mrs. M. Chaturvedi
Viverly Public School